We design and build homes which consume 90% less energy
for heating and cooling, cost the same as conventional homes
and are a great real estate investment from day one!
Our designs are rooted in Passive House methodology, which is the most advanced standard for high-performance sustainable buildings
What is Passive House?
Everything should be made as simple as possible. But not simpler."
- Albert Einstein
People used to use simple solutions for passively heating, cooling and ventilating their homes, based on the requirements of their local climate. Note how different traditional dwellings are in terms of building shape, choice of materials, size and number of windows, etc.
These strategies have been tested by centuries and in most cases are either cheap or free - proper building positioning and window orientation requires no investment other than just thinking about it.
These days we build homes with thin walls and big furnaces, relying on fossil fuels to compensate for this poor design. It's time we remember how to think creatively and put deliberate effort into planning the spaces we spend most of our lives in.
Passive House principles
A truly green home is not the one with complicated high-tech gadgets and smart technology.
Instead, it relies on the laws of nature, building science and Passive House principles
Thick insulating layer, far exceeding current building codes, wraps around the entire house, from foundation to roof. Continuous air barrier prevents heat loss due to uncontrolled air leakage.
Efficient Heating and Cooling
Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system extracts heat from stale air before exhausting it and warms incoming air with it, dramatically reducing energy consumption.
High-Performance Windows
Strategically placed, triple-glazed, with different charachteristics for South and North sides. Fenestration takes advantage of solar gains in the winter and preventing overheating during the summer.
Off-the-Grid Ready
If complemented with solar panels, Passive House can easily achieve Net Zero or Net Positive Energy Status. Adding water collection and can make it truly Off-Grid.
Does it pay off?
The Average cost premium to build a Passive House is about 6.5% and it pays off on multiple levels, providing a double-digit ROI and positive cashflow from day one
Passive House at Market Rate

Imagine if you could build a sustainable house like this for the cost of current code homes?!
Our innovative approach combines the three secret ingredients below enabling us to deliver high-performance buildings on par with conventional construction, at 0% premium.

Lean Management
Lean Manufacturing is a process improvement methodology which is widely used by the most profitable companies in the world. We use Integrated Project Design and other Lean tools to build the quality in and reduce costs. Having certified continuous improvement experts in-house gives us an edge.
Using prefabricated passive house panels, which are manufactured in a controlled environment, allows us to reduce time on site and ensure that the performance targets are met.
Passive House design
Passive House design is an indespensible part of any low-energy building. Our core team and key project members are all trained and certified by Passive House Institute US or an equivalent certification body.
Our Core Team
Yury Petyushin
Founding Member.
Certified Passive House Consultant
Serial entrepreneur, Lean Management expert, investor, Certified Passive House Consultant and a chronic tree hugger. Prior to founding SustainableDevelopment.Club Yury has co-owned and managed 5 businesses, one of which grew from a small local firm to Top-20 Largest in Eastern Europe in a matter of three years.
Rob Blakeney
Partner. Owner at Local Impact Design
Board member of Passive Buildings Canada with 25 years of experience in the construction industry, focusing on near-zero buildings. Rob is an expert in energy modelling, HVAC, building science, structural analysis, solar PV and water harvesting. He was one of the first people in Canada to use prefabricated passive house systems in his designs.
Club Members
Our network includes the ultimate authorities of the sustainable buildings industry of North America, bringing you top experts in the field of sustainable design, building science, energy modelling, engineering and construction.
Our club is a cooperative of change leaders working together to revolutionize the way we build.
Our Vision
Building energy efficient homes is just the first step. Our vision is to create sustainable neighbourhoods—beautiful and highly-livable communities that support human interaction and represent a solid real estate investment.
Image courtesy of McCamant and Durrett Architects
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